Soul Cult

by New Native

I built myself up in the clouds A feeling resting deep inside came flooding out my mouth I killed it off so I could sleep and dream of all the things I am so sure they're here to keep But who won't die desperately longing for peace of mind? You say it's what I need Am I done keeping to myself all the lies I can live with? I swallowed my tongue, point your finger at the lies you can live with They say "how does it feel without responsibility?" Oh I know, I shouldn't have blamed myself at all Help me out, cut me some slack You cut me off before I proved my point to all my friends They won't see what I've become and what I do to shine a different light on all I've done
Circles 03:12
Time keeps rolling on Turn the page, lock it away You checked in just to make sure everything's still okay You'd never believe how little thought I gave it, how little time I could spend Carve her name in that stone, tell them I commiserate I'm wishing you were, feels like I'm running in circles Thoughts keep spinning on Turn the page, lock it away You held in just not to pass it on to me while I paid so little attention, so little honest interest just to keep me sane Until I carve your name in that stone, doing what I do best
But I Can't 03:05
Stay focussed, don't let it get to you I won't forget, please don't forget Choke down whatever burns in you I won't, I bet, I won't forget But I just can't believe there's nothing wrong me But I can’t fall in love Doors locked, I'm craving warmth inside Your breath's a breeze, it's such a tease I'll come over and keep fighting the fact all I can be is not what you need but I just can't believe there's nothing wrong with me but i cant fall in love I wouldn't mind seeing myself again with you right by my side
Nothing More 02:56
Pulling down the shades in my room Call me back when you've let go It's been weeks since a weekend at home Could've cared more after all I've seen you not so sad and lonely, when did we let everything change? I'm sinking deeper into lethargy and playing safe But sometimes life's nothing more to me than a giant waste of time, Sometimes I'd kill to watch my life pass faster by Bought your pills, brought it to your room You keep saying it's okay She's growing up feeling the same things at a younger age
Change 04:03
Long winters and messages perpetually keep haunting Feel the edge of the precipice, taking comfort in my longing Take comfort in your longing Do you ever wish you're about to change while the world awaits you to step back into place It's a thing I can barely explain, just pretend you'll understand how choosing sides is not the real constraint but the consequences that follow And the consequence of that


released December 12, 2015


all rights reserved



New Native Vienna, Austria

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