Swing Low

by New Native



DIGITAL: Anchor Eighty Four Records (bit.ly/SL_Bandcamp)
TAPE: Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records (bit.ly/NN-SL-Tape)


released August 12, 2016

All songs written and performed by New Native.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dominik Kazmierczak at LeftSide Studios in Vienna, Austria.

Cover photo by Christian Schwarz.
Cover painting by David Eisl: www.davideisl.com



all rights reserved


New Native Vienna, Austria

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Track Name: It Must Be Nice To Be You
Spoke out the words inside my head a thousand times before
I drove by your house in the morning, saw your mother stand at the door

Go with the flow, man, I've seen you travel from place to place
You told me you'd settle as soon as your restless mind's put at ease

I called you up just to make sure it's the right thing I'm aiming at
When you get the message I'll be long gone, see if it's what I expect

It must be nice to know you've found the right space to grow
It must be nice to be you

Tell me, is it worth the trouble or hasn't it paid off yet?
I need to know now, I can't risk putting everything I got at stake

It must be nice to know you've found the right space to grow
It must be nice to be you

I thought that I've seen it all, summer, fall, spring
If you're the exception, then why can't I tackle this?
Track Name: Swing Low
I lean back, stay put and watch tongue-tied As you move right past me out of sight and
I can be better and I could live up to
everything that my father would have expected me to do
I lie awake, don't move, stay beside me I lied before, I won't ever fight it
But I can be better and I swear I could listen
just as close as my mother and put aside all ambition
I board the plane
Wait, I forgot how to turn it off and make it stop
But then, I can write better and I can sing softly Because it's all in my family and it's all that I'm used to
If you swing low, I'll duck down
I'll do whatever it takes to melt down